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Server Information

Status: Online
Players online: 10
Client: 8.60
Download OTClient
Version 1.03c
(Recommended x5 exp+loot)

Leatrix Latency Fix Download 8.6 Client


1. Delete Vip Lv. 121890
2. Renegade Lv. 120028
3. Yeezus Lv. 118509
Donation Instructions

~ PayPal Donation System ~

1$ = Reward Token = 100 Reward Points

Here are the steps you need to take:
1. A Paypal account with a balance of at least $5
2. Fill in your account
3. Click on the Donate button
4. Make the transaction
5. After the transaction the points will be automatically added to your account
6. Log in with the character you wish to claim the points with and use !redeem
7. Points can be spent in-game in the Rewards Room

If your donation method is unverified you must wait until the donation is manually verified by an administrator
!!! Notice !!!
Due to a Paypal related bug, some donations are not automatic.
If this happens, please contact Admin Xagul in-game or on the forum here.