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Status: Online
Players online: 30
Client: 8.60
Download OTClient
Version 1.03c
(Recommended x5 exp+loot)

Leatrix Latency Fix Download 8.6 Client


1. Ashanentil Lv. 167200
2. Oliver Gazos Lv. 158782
3. Realwarwick Lv. 157035

DeathZot Guide

DeathZot is a fast paced RPG server that has many custom features. Some of the features that makes DeathZot so exciting are the custom vocations, spells, equipment, merging system, enchanting system, raids, bosses and dungeons.

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Region Boss Walkthroughs

New Areas Walkthrough

Teleport Rune Quests

Dungeon Locations

Vocation Guides

Global Bosses

DeathZot: Vocations

DeathZot currently has 22 custom vocations.

(To learn more about the vocations, click here)

[Melee Vocations] - Warrior, Barbarian, Zealot, Ninja, Tactician, Warlord, Shadow, Paladin, Leviathan

[Distance Vocations] - Archer, Hunter, Zenbow, Sharpshooter

[Magic Vocations] - Shade, Illusionist, Elementalist, Priest, Shaman, Pyromancer, Stormcaller, Hailbringer

[Other Vocations] - Dragonborn

DeathZot: Beginner Teleports

DeathZot: Equipment Merging

You can buy a Runic Smash in the mall or get it inside the Quest Room.

DeathZot: Reward Tokens

DeathZot: Training and Stamina

DeathZot: Fishing

DeathZot: Boss Maps

DeathZot: Region Bosses

DeathZot: Teleportation Runes

DeathZot: Blessings

DeathZot: Ammunition

DeathZot: Ore Smelting

DeathZot: Gem Enchanting

Gems can be added to your equipment to temporarily enchant them with bonuses.

DeathZot: Bosses

DeathZot: Dungeons

DeathZot: Uber Monsters

DeathZot: Treasure Chests

DeathZot: Rebirth