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Server Information

Status: Online
Players online: 27
Client: 8.60
Download OTClient
Version 1.03c
(Recommended x5 exp+loot)

Leatrix Latency Fix Download 8.6 Client


1. Realwarwick Lv. 172356
2. Ashanentil Lv. 167200
3. Oliver Gazos Lv. 161726

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

Is the use of bots and other macros allowed?

The use of bots and macros is allowed You will not be punished in anyway if you wish to use a bot or other macro.

Is there a way to get Reward Points without donating?

Reward Points are not exclusive to donating, they are also the rewards you get from winning in-game events. There are also a lot of other ways to win Reward Points from contests such as: Screenshot, Video and House contests.

I found a bug, how can I report it?

Use the in-game report function (CTRL + Z).

What is the best way to contact an Admin

Contact either Admin Synthetic or Admin Xagul via the DeathZot Forums