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Status: Online
Players online: 30
Client: 8.60
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Version 1.03c
(Recommended x5 exp+loot)

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1. Ashanentil Lv. 167200
2. Oliver Gazos Lv. 158782
3. Realwarwick Lv. 157035
Who is online?
Name: Guild: Level: Vocation:
Alma MariaricoGet in the Van Kids102278Archer/Harbinger/Sharpshooter
Beef WellingtonHall of Fame7835Chef/Shade
Blackberry KushGet in the Van Kids96455Shade/Illusionist/Elementalist
CristianoGet in the Van Kids8626Ninja/Barbarian/Shadow
Critical Kush3718Shade/Hailbringer
DedaqGet in the Van Kids92651Shade/Stormcaller/Elementalist
Elvis TekGet in the Van Kids89563Barbarian/Warlord/Leviathan
Furry FerrariGet in the Van Kids137081Ninja/Lycan/Tactician
Immediately DeadGet in the Van Kids21747Archer/Illusionist
InsomniaGet in the Van Kids31946Illusionist/Pyromancer/Bard
InvictusGet in the Van Kids101800Hailbringer/Elementalist/Priest
Johnny BebboGet in the Van Kids354Barbarian/Lycan
LidroxGet in the Van Kids67618Barbarian/Paladin/Samurai
Mikoko YanosudaGet in the Van Kids76057Demonhunter/Zealot/Zenbow
Molly QuinnGet in the Van Kids68756Archer/Sharpshooter/Barbarian
NimbleWe Do Alot20232Shadow/Tactician/Ninja
Notorious JoeGet in the Van Kids32258Warlord/Barbarian/Warrior
Oliver GazosGet in the Van Kids158782Samurai/Paladin/Zealot
PandafuckerGet in the Van Kids29924Elementalist/Sharpshooter
PigfuckerGet in the Van Kids105033Zenbow/Barbarian/Demonhunter
PitepaltGet in the Van Kids51287Paladin/Zealot/Barbarian
RealwarwickGet in the Van Kids157035Elementalist/Illusionist/Shade
RetardGet in the Van Kids32121Barbarian/Warlord/Leviathan
ShockzyGet in the Van Kids134065Hunter/Stormcaller/Hailbringer
ShockzzyGet in the Van Kids54542Illusionist/Priest/Shade
ThorkellGet in the Van Kids60011Hunter/Stormcaller/Hailbringer
Yagami Light27484Ninja/Tactician/Barbarian
YubiGet in the Van Kids21521Elementalist/Sharpshooter