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Status: Online
Players online: 5
Client: 8.60
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Version 1.03c
(Recommended x5 exp+loot)

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1. Delete Vip Lv. 121890
2. Renegade Lv. 120019
3. Yeezus Lv. 118509

OTClient 1.02 Update

June 17th 2019

Fixed a bug that caused hotkeys to break after a client restart if a hotkey was set to say a single number.

Fixed a bug that could cause chat tabs to keep blinking red (as if there is a new message) even though the user already checked the message.

It is now possible to tag someone in a chat using @name. This should be especially useful in help chat when answering a specific persons question.

Fixed the tooltip for minimap always displaying as ctrl+s.

Further optimized the battle list. Also added a "slow mode" option for battle list sorting. This should be used by people with slower pcs that are having fps issues with many creatures on screen. It could also be useful in large events such as the sea demon fight. In general, using the "fast" option should be good enough, but I've added slower options just to be safe.

Fixed a bug that prevented the ignore/white list from saving. In addition, putting a player on ignore will automatically enable the ignore list (previously you would have to manually activate the list). A bunch of tooltips have also been added to make things more clear.

Moved the deathzot item border images out of the ui folder to make sharing ui skins easier.

Adjusted how far you need to drag a chat tab before it swaps positions with another tab. This should make it easier to drag tabs to the far right.


June 16th 2019

More areas in the Abbadon realm have been opened for players to explore.

Fixed the density of RoA Hydras in a couple caves. They are now open for players to hunt in again.

Fixed an issue with !pvpsafe not working correctly with summons. It should now be possible to hit a players summons if you have the player targeted and it should now be possible to hit a player if you have one of their summons targeted.

Buffed target dummies. Hopefully overpowered ppl wont kill them anymore :(


June 14th 2019

Abbadon Realm (post 2nd rebirth) changes:
- Re-scaled the entire area. It now goes up to level 30k for now.
- Added hunting npcs.
- Added hourly bosses. (Make sure to stop by the Boss Hunter in the mall to update your minimap!)
- Added some password stones and other hidden things.
- Fixed unstable rifts dying extremely fast compared to normal monsters.
- Added an extra teleport rune to the jungle.

Other changes/additions:

Added a command !globalboost to check the time left on global experience/uber boosts.

Father Times final phase no longer pierces magic walls forcing every team to contain dedicated support vocs to keep their team alive.

Dungeons should now properly consume bottled essence and give loot when you have less than the maximum (45) in your inventory.

Your current hunting task is now displayed in server log when you log in.

Fixed a bug that would caused wonky warlord interactions when dual-wielding melee weapons.

Soul Orbs are no longer usable while casting spells. Previously this was only the case for a few vocation spells (such as shades obliteration) but it now applies to every spell in the game.

Runeword Update

June 10th 2019

New Runeword: Spell Echo
New Runeword: Duality
New Runeword: Outnumbered
New Runeword: Crunchy
New Runeword: Gemling
New Runeword: Soul Infusion
New Runeword: Berserker

Envenom (Runeword) damage increased by about 50%.
Longshot (Runeword) damage buff increased to 30% (up from 20%).
Juggernaut (Runeword) damage buff increased to 30% (up from 10%).

The first few sections of Abbadon (2nd rebirth area) have been populated with spawns to hunt.
More updates to this area will be coming, right now I just need to get feedback on the general monster balance.

Father Time rewards will now be mailed to your depot if you did not have enough cap to carry them.

It is now possible to dual-wield normal melee weapons. By default, the off-hand weapon will provide no bonus to attack, highly recommend not doing this unless you want to die a lot.

Fixed a bug with a few furniture items being immune to the all powerful scythe of destruction.

Blessing price after 2nd rebirth now has a base cost of 50k.

Starstone Amulet no longer needs to be equipped to use.

The command !gems is now usable while in combat to view the status of your gems. Enable/Disable is still unavailable while in combat.

Anthem of Rejuvenation (Bard) should now properly restore soul to allies.

Shadow Step (Shadow) should no longer cause players to get stuck in places they shouldn't be.

Big Flower (Chloromancer) is now considered a support spell for the sake of exhaustion. The soul cost of the buff variant has been fixed to match that of the heal variant (50).

Overcooked (Chef) was dealing way less damage than intended. We have consulted Gordon Ramsay for advice on how to properly overcook things and it should be much better now.

Nerfed the visual effects of Thunderstorm (Stormcaller) a bit.

Utility Summons (Grizzly, Decoy, Mirror Image) are no longer able to tank the entire world.

Era IV

Main Update

* Ironman has been removed. It has been replaced with x5 loot+exp bonus when using our OTClient. *

Vocation Changes:

New Vocation: Chef (magic/support)
- Cook fabulous dishes for everyone to enjoy! Proficient in all cuisines, the chef is a perfect match for any party.
New Vocation: Demonhunter (distance/dps)
- A skilled bow user capable of unleashing an absurd amount of arrows.
New Vocation: Bard (magic/support)
- A magical musician that uses the power of music to aid allies in battle.
New Vocation: Lycan (melee/dps)
- Lycans are afflicted by an ancient curse known as lycanthropy which allows them to transform into wolves.
New Vocation: Lich (magic/summon/shape-shifter)
- Liches are masters of necromancy capable of raising fallen enemies to serve in their legions of undead.
New Vocation: Samurai (melee/dps)
- The Samurai is an ancient warrior skilled in the art of combat using blades of all shapes and sizes.
New Vocation: Chloromancer (magic/support)
- Chloromancers are devoted to making the world beautiful and full of life.
New Vocation: Shieldbearer (melee/tank)
- A defensive warrior that utilizes shields to both avoid damage and take out enemies.
New Vocation: Harbinger (distance/dps)
- The harbinger is a calculated marksman that utilizes precise shots to take out enemies.
New Vocation: Amazonian (distance/dps)
- A skilled fighter that utilizes spears and arrows to take out enemies at varying distances.
New Vocation: Assassin (distance/melee/dps)
- Assassins are highly trained killers skilled in both ranged and melee combat.

Thundering Intellect (Stormcaller)
- Now gives a chance on crit to reduce the charge time of the next Zap Cannon by 60%.
Thunderstorm (Stormcaller)
- The duration has been doubled.
Impact Arrows (Zenbow)
- The knockback effect now has a short cooldown against players.
Charge (Warrior)
- Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to remain stationary for the duration of the spell.
Lightning Rush (Zealot)
- Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to remain stationary for the duration of the spell.
Haste (Ninja)
- Is now a toggle spell. While active, the soul cost will be persistent.
Mortification (Shade)
- Now increases magic level by 100% (up from 50%) for 20 seconds (down from 60 seconds) with a 50 second cooldown.
Eagle Eye (Sharpshooter)
- Now increases distance level by 50% (up from 25%) for 20 seconds with a 50 second cooldown.
Bloodrage (Warlord)
- Now increases melee skills by 75 (up from 50) for 15 seconds with a 30 second cooldown.
Unstoppable Force (Warlord Passive)
- Now lasts for 6 seconds (up from 2).
Zenbow (Conjure Spells)
- Arrows are now created in stacks of 25 (up from 10).

Quality of Life Changes:

- It is now possible to click-use ammo to set it as your active type. This allows ammo to be used directly from your backpacks rather than having to equip it in the ammo slot.

- Smelting ore now produces Runic Orbs rather than raw equipment.

- Summons are now marked with a green shield to make them easily identifiable.

Reward Shop Changes:

Added a couple new amulets similar to Death's Remedy but for the other 3 primary equipment stats.
- Death's Onslaught: +20% Attack
- Death's Aegis: +20% Armor
- Death's Carnage: +20% Damage (The old effect of this amulet has been removed)

Immortals Revenge: now provides +20% to equipment bonuses (up from 10%) to keep it in line with the rest of the amulets.

Added a Mighty Smelting Hammer. Can be used to smelt ore directly from your backpack.

Father Time Jr now offers the ability to swap your vocation(s). Doing so will reset your skills back to 0.

Tier 9000 Backpack now merges gold/plats/runic orbs, has the backpack of looting effect, alerts you when an uber monster spawns in the zone you are hunting in, and has 200 slots (not all slots will be visible if you aren't using the OTClient)

Premium now grants +10% chance to critically loot Runic Orbs.

Guild Cookies now also grant +20% chance to critically loot Runic Orbs in addition to their original effect.

Premium Dealer has been removed. (no longer needed since ironman is disabled)

Backpack of Munitions, Runecrafters Satchel, Holy Falcon, and Gilded Catalyst have been removed.

Other Random Changes:

In order to comply with new OTServList rules, a limit of 4 clients per ip has been introduced.

Added a couple announcements for some era firsts such as leveling/equipment tiers.

Hourly bosses will now drop a loot orb upon death.

Candy/Canes may now be used after first rebirth. The level limit is 10,000 or 90% of the highest level player (whichever is higher). Rebirth characters have a base effective level of 10,000, this applies to both the use of candy and the highest level threshold so if you are amongst the first to rebirth, you won't be able to use candy to instantly get back up to 10k.

After defeating Father Time (2nd rebirth) players will be able to go back in time to the land of Abbadon. This area is a throwback to another one of Deaths servers (Rise of Abbadon).
For those of you who did play RoA you will recognize the majority of this map as it is RoA in its entirety. With that said, there are some twists that Death added back when we were working on XDC together so there should be plenty of opportunity to explore new areas for both old and new players.

Mini-Update 1 Notes

June 1st 2019

Fixed an issue where the Tier 9000 Backpack would not display uber spawns in some parts of the map.

The Tier 9000 Backpack now tells you if the uber monster that spawned is nearby or far away.

Added a command "!t9kbp" which can be used to configure the new Tier 9000 Backpack features.

Fixed an issue with Charge (Warrior) that could cause the player to become unable to move until they log out.

Fixed an issue with Zap Cannon + Mirror Image (Stormcaller + Illusionist) and Undead Destroyer (Lich) that would cause the player to become yellow skulled when hitting a player even though pvp fist was disabled.

Fixed a bug that could cause lockboxes to contain 0 items if the player was low on cap.

Eating candy/canes will now consume up to 10 at a time if possible.

Fixed a bug with Mortification (Shade) where rebirth skills were still being boosted by the old 50% rather than the new 100%.

Hopefully using the dash feature on OTClient will no longer randomly cause disconnects.

Random events are enabled on the hourly save again.

Necrotic uber monsters no longer instantly fill the entire screen with skeletons.

OTClient Patches

Removed language selection from the OTClient. The server does not have full translation anyway and it was causing problems.

Fixed a bug with non-classic control alt+click not working properly.

Added a new feature for classic control, alt+click will execute the "use" function. This works the same way as ctrl+click on non-classic control.

Mini-Update 2 Notes

June 2nd 2019

Fixed a bug with Have Your Cake (Chef) that caused it to deal no damage if the target was against a wall.

Tier 9000 Backpack should now alert players about uber monsters on Fantasy Island.

Fixed a bug that was causing summons to break some peoples OTClient causing it to start lagging and sometimes even crash.

Prosperous (Runeword) buff now lasts for 5 minutes (up from 30 seconds).

Lockboxes that are looted from a dungeon while using OTClient are now marked as OTC Lockboxes. This is to make them distinguishable from normal lockboxes which contain less loot when opened.

OTClient Patches

Optimized the way OTClient battle list sorts by health. This should fix some lag for players who wish to sort this way.

The OTClient is now version 1.01. If you need any of the fixes that were included in Mini-Update 1 or 2, it is recommended that you re-download the client.

Mini-Update 3 Notes

June 5th 2019

Fisco should now reward the correct lockboxes when killed.

Lockboxes that are looted from a dungeon should be marked as OTC Lockboxes. (for real this time!)

Fixed the experience in 20k dungeon.

Increased the amount of Bottled Essence consumed by dungeons for OTC users to 45 (up from 15).

Master of Arms (Warlord) now gives increased damage to spells as well as weapon attacks when using clubs.

Ultimate Death (Assassin) should no longer cause players to get skulled in pz.

Outnumbered (Assassin - Melee) Now applies target acquired to each target hit by it.

Mini-Update 4 Notes

June 8th 2019

Overload (Zealot) duration has been increased to 20 seconds (up from 15).

Psi Shield (Zealot) activation chance in pvp has been increased to 20% (up from 10%)

Psionic Overload (Zealot) now also applies the overload buff when casted. Because of this, it cannot be casted while Overload is already active.

Combustion (Pyromancer) now has a 100% chance to apply Fire and Brimstone to your primary target in PvP.

Fire and Brimstone (Pyromancer) will no longer proliferate from monsters to players. The damage effectiveness in PvP has been reduced to 20% (down from 25%).

Meteor (Pyromancer) will no longer deal damage if you are inside pz. This should prevent accidental pz lock if the spell was active before dying.

Bloodrage (Warlord) now lasts for 20 seconds (up from 15).

Battle Rage (Barbarian) now lasts for 20 seconds (down from 30) and grants 100 skills (up from 80).

Warcry (Barbarian) now increases the skills of nearby allies depending on which stance it is used in.

Meditate (Samurai) now grants 200 skills (up from 100) when fully charged.

Cross Slash (Samurai) now deals damage in a small area when meditate is above 50% charge. This area is increased when meditate is above 75% charge.

Envenomed Shot (Harbinger) will no longer go on cooldown unless it hits an enemy.

Barbed Shot (Harbinger) will no longer go on cooldown unless it hits an enemy.

Ultimate Death (Assassin) now properly places Creeping Death on cooldown so that the two spells cannot be used together.

Shieldbearer spells will now consider both the primary and shield skills when calculating damage. (Previously it was only calculating damage based on shielding skill)

Cakes (Chef) now give 150 skills when eaten (up from 75).

Big Flower: Buff (Chloromancer) reduced the skill buff to 25 (down from 50) and added a 20% damage multiplier instead.

Flower Power (Chloromancer) increased the skill buff to 75 (up from 50).

Lich Form (Lich) increased the passive area damage by roughly 50%. It now also has a chance to raise skeletal slaves when it strikes an enemy.

Undead Nightmare (Lich) should no longer cause the summoner to get yellow skull for no reason.

Close Quarters Combat (Amazonian) now also buffs distance skill for a short time after hitting a creature with the spear. The description has been made more clear about what is happening as well.

Frozen Tomb (Hailbringer) now displays its cooldown on the OTClient.

Hopefully finally for sure this time actually maybe fixed Charge (Warrior) causing players to become unable to move.

Shield skill now increases damage reduction by a percent rather than a flat amount.

Fixed a bug with trade chat that caused the OTClient to break and reset all saved settings.

Fixed a bug that could cause players to get stuck in the Onifica dungeon boss room.

Immortal runeword now displays its cooldown on the OTClient.